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Features available on all BATWING™ kayak sails include:

  • Two-ply leech, luff, and foot.
  • Webbed-on stainless steel "D" ring on clew.
  • Tapered fiberglass battens for a precise airfoil.
  • Durable webbing batten adjusters.
  • Heavy duty sail bag.
  • Our original "Zippy Reef", reefing is as easy as closing a zipper.
  • Also, on our BATWING™ EXPEDITION™ kayak sails: Our trademark, BATWING™ vertical panel layout for reduced sail stretch from hard use.
  • Quick release "WICHARD™" tack downhaul hook.
  • All of our BATWING™ kayak sails, whether EXPEDITION™ or SPORT, are built to BSD's legendary EXPEDITION™ quality. Made in USA.

Proven designs, quality workmanship, and the finest materials provide performance, durability, and beauty as a reasonable alternative to shapeless, disposable air foils.

The diagrams shown here represent our most popular BATWING™ sail sizes for kayak sailing.batwing diagram

BSD is proud to offer the BATWING™. Over the years we have designed and produced quality cruising sails for kayaks, the worlds finest sailboard sails, and successful one-design and offshore racing sails. Inspired by hanglider and low speed aircraft development, our sailboard sail designs set the standard for the industry. Looking for new applications for this technology, and being small craft enthusiasts ourselves, a natural progressions was the development or a simple, efficient small craft sail rig.

The prominent feature of the BSD BATWING™ is the hanglider inspired airfoil. Inherently low parasitic and induced drag components are particularly appropriate rig characteristics for the limited stability of narrow, small sailing craft. The BATWING™'s efficiency and low center of effort provide superior performance on all points of sail. Full battens prohibit flogging and assure good manners on the water and on the beach. Serious paddlers and rowers will appreciate the BATWING™'s light weight and compact stowage. Top adventurers choose the BATWING™ for their expeditions. Verlen and Valerie Kruger chose BATWING™'s for their TWO CONTINENT CANOE EXPEDITION, a successful attempt to canoe from the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn. Renowned adventurer, climber, author, Jonathan Waterman, chose a BATWING™ kayak rig for his ODYSSEY AMONG THE INUIT, a two season expedition across the arctic Northwest Passage. For serious expedition or serious recreation, the BATWING™ is the perfect sail.

In our two most popular sizes, the 32 and the 24 we offer BATWING™ sails in two models, the SPORT™ and the EXPEDITION™. Each sail was optimized for a specific use. As their names imply, one was optimized for SPORT™ or daysailing and the other was optimized for expedition use. The material including fabric, battens, thread, etc. are identical on the SPORT™ and EXPEDITION™ sails. The horizontal paneled BATWING™ SPORT™ sail is ideal for most uses and is built in to the same exacting standards as the BATWING™ EXPEDITION™ sail. There are a couple of features that make the EXPEDITION™ sail more appropriate for touring use. The vertical panel layout and radial corner reinforcements align the weave of the fabric along the load map of the sail so that it may resist the loads of a heavily laden kayak in extended use and in heavy winds. There is a quick release hook on the tack corner of the EXPEDITION™ sail so that the user can release the forward end of the optional WINGBONE™ boom. This allows the user to roll the sail up into a slightly smaller package. This feature would be important to the user with a tightly packed boat with limited stowage space. The SPORT™ sail gives up a couple of features but is a few ounces lighter in weight. Both sails are excellent values and are made to BSD's legendary level of performance and quality. Side by side out of the bag, the two sails performance will be identical.

The 32 is our most popular sail for kayaks - singles or doubles. The 38 is a specialty sail, optimized for light wind sailing and we only recommend it for sailors who plan to sail mostly in areas of light winds.

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